More from Davis (2) : Intention is to bring Brexit deal to UK parliament first

UK Brexit secretary Davis still testifying 25 Oct

  • will bring it to UK parliament b4 EU parliament
  • envisage UK parliament having a vote on EU withdrawal agreement which could come after the withdrawal date of March 2019
  • my hunch is EU withdrawal agreement will come at same time as forward trade relationship agreement

Who knows what deals behind doors have been struck on that last one at the EU summit last week but there still seems to be a wide gap in opinion on that one between UK/EU.
The session before the Exiting the EU Committee is now over fyi
Meanwhile GBPUSD has had another look at decent 1.3220-30 resistance before retreating but dip demand still expected for the moment. Keep your eye on GBPJPY and EURGBP though still. Article Source

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