Macron is really running into Merkel’s arms today

Macron is making a major speech

Macron is going all-in on European integration in a speech today.

  • A group dedicated to the «re-foundation of Europe» to launch in the coming weeks
  • Why not gives ourselves the aim to fully integrate French and German markets by 2024 and harmonize respective laws
  • Calls for single European military
  • Eurozone needs its own budget to finance joint investments and ensure stability against economic shocks
  • Wants to re-launch European financial transaction tax plan
  • Wants to gradually create European border police

This speech has been continuing for more than an hour. He’s at Sorbonne University in Paris.

He’s basically calling for a full-scale United States of Europe. Let’s hope he calls for the elimination of 50% of bureaucrats and 80% of politicians if that’s the case.

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