London traders exiting with NZD the strongest. EUR the weakest.

Dollar more up but coming off highs.As London/European traders exit for the day, the NZD is the strongest currency. The EUR is the weakest. Both of those currencies were in the same position at the start of the NY trading day.  However, the spread between the strongest and weakest has gotten more compressed (mainly because the EUR got stronger).  The USD has gotten a bit weaker since earlier today (see earlier post).

Looking at the changes on the day, the USDJPY is now trading at the day lows. The EURUSD is off it’s lows as is the GBPUSD.  The GBPUSD was negative at the start of the NY day. It is now positive.
The weakening dollar has gotten help from lower yields:

  • 2 year yield 1.5601%, down -1.6 bp
  • 5 year yield 2.0019%, down -1.8 bp
  • 10 year yield 2.3646%, down -1.9 bp
  • 30 year yield 2.8785%, down -1.8 bp

In other markets:

  • Gold has returned back to unchanged on the weaker dollar/lower rates. It is at $1280.70, unchanged after being as low as $1272.58
  • US broader stock indices are negative with S&P down -1.81 points or-0.07% to 2573.27. The Nasdaq is down -14 points or -0.21% to 6615. The Dow is still up but off the high at 23340 (up 12.35 points).

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