Japan PM Abe’s cabinet approval rating falls 2 points to 44% — NHK survey

While the disapprove rating jumps 4 points to 38%
A survey by NHK shows that support for Japanese prime minister Abe’s cabinet has dropped by 2 points to 44%, following the news that broke out last week that the Ministry of Finance were looking into the alterations of land sale documents related to school operator Moritomo Gakuen.
The survey was conducted over the weekend and over 1,200 people responded. Of those who disapproved, 40% said they don’t trust Abe while 33% said that they had low expectations for his policies.
Earlier in the day, Abe made an apology on the Moritomo issue — which escalated quite a bit today following calls for finance minister Aso to resign, and that led to USD/JPY having a wild ride during the Asian session.
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