It’s central bank bonanza this week too, here’s what is on the agenda

It’s not just about trade or Italian politics

  • 6 March — Reserve Bank of Australia monetary policy meeting decision
  • 7 March — Bank of Canada monetary policy meeting decision
  • 8 March — ECB monetary policy meeting decision
  • 9 March — Bank of Japan monetary policy meeting decision

No changes to monetary policy are expected as the outcome from all the meetings, but watch out for any possible changes in the language that is to be delivered, in particular with the ECB and the BOJ.
The market is looking for any possible shift in forward guidance by the ECB, so Draghi’s press conference will hold a lot of weight when the time comes — watch out for the Q&A as well, on questions regarding QE exit and hints of when a change in guidance will come.
Meanwhile, for the BOJ the focus will rest largely on what Kuroda has to say following his «hawkish» remarks on considering easing policy exit in fiscal year 2019. Will he backtrack on those comments last week? Or will he solidify them? Do note that he is also due to speak at the upper house in parliament tomorrow too.
But apart from this, there’s also a galore of other central bank speakers during the week. We’ll provide a heads up on those as well later on when they are coming, and let’s not forget that we also have US non-farm payrolls due on Friday too.
It’s a jam-packed week and I’m certainly looking forward to it. Are you?
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