Italy election exit polls coming through now — point to a hung parliament

This is not a surprise, a hung parliament was expected in ItalyEUR/USD had opened stronger in the early moves here in NZ and then Australia, it likes the German developments over the weekend:

  • German SPD confirms that members voted in favour of coalition deal

EUR has dipped a few points on this Italian news … but the news IS NOT unexpected 
Exit polls:

  • 5 Star gets the biggest share of votes, around 30% (these numbers are approximations only) in the lower house, similar in the upper house
  • As a bloc though, Berslusconi’s Forza Italia & allies is ahead of the 5 star 
  • Puts the centre/right slightly ahead (if ‘centre right means much in the mess that is Italian politics)

Partiy numbers (so far, approximations only)

  • 5 star 30%
  • Democratic Party 22
  • Forza 14
  • League 14

Some projections:

  • centre right grouping around 33 to 36% (these all lower house)
  • centre left around 25-28%

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