Italian election — projections on parliament make up coming now

Earliest projection on the composition of the new Italian parliament following the election exit polls is for a hung parliamentWell, d’uh
Thanks very much indeed to RAI TV for seat projections:

  • Centre-right bloc to get 225/226 seats in the lower house
  • 5 star to get 195/235 seats
  • Centre left projected 115-155

(FFS …. how do you like those spreads??? … and a reminder …. this is all based on exit polling, which has been shockingly bad in the not too distant past)
316 seats are needed for a majority in the lower house
Key takeaways =

  • Centre right didn’t do quite as well as expected, 5 Star did a wee but better than expected 
  • There is no majority viable that can be built through simple arithmetic — this is going to be a drawn out process (to form government)
  • «populist’ parties (anti-euro most of ’em) got around 50% of the vote …. ps. there is no way this disparate lot can come together at this stage and get Italy out of the euro, K?
  • Opinion pollsters the big winners — tipped a hung parliament …. hence this is not a surprising result

EUR update (high was circa 1.2365):

And, a ps — this all based on EXIT POLLS only at this stage.   Article Source

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