I’m not sure if Trump knows how this voting thing works

Trump continues to attack his own party

Ok, so Trump has a two-vote majority in the Senate and has a similar feud going with John McCain, who is now highlighting Trump’s draft deferments.

Others like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have already voted against him.

His thinking must be that by making an example of a few members of his own team, he will whip the others into submission.

It’s a good time to go back to what Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio wrote about early this year.

He argued
that the earliest signal on how a populist politician will develop is
how they handle conflicts. Will they ramp up confrontation and rhetoric,
or show flexibility? Or as Bridgewater puts it, «whether the opposing
forces can coexist to make progress or whether they increasingly «go to
war» to block and hurt each other and cause gridlock.»

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