How much richer will Mark Zuckerberg get today?

Facebook earnings are coming up after the bell

Last week, Jeff Bezos was the first person to ever make $10 billion in a day. Could Zuckerberg be the second?

Facebook shares have been on a breathtaking run for the past five years. The annualized return has been more than 50% after the company unlocked ways to advertise everything to everyone.

As a result of the climb, Mark Zuckerberg’s shares are now worth $76.3 billion, according to Bloomberg. That’s up $26.3 billion this year.

Two years ago with that amount of wealth, he’d be the richest man alive. As it stands he’s #5. What’s remarkable is that he’s only 33 years old. That gives him 20 years on Jeff Bezos and 50 years on Warren Buffett.

At this pace, he will be worth $100 billion before long. In fact, all it will take is for Facebook shares to hit $235.

That’s not going to happen today, but seeing how this market has been cooking, I don’t doubt it’s coming. 

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