Germany’s Green Party polling higher as coalition talks continue

Results of latest survey published this morning 5 Nov

  • Germany’s environmentalist Green party polled at its highest level this year
  • poll published by German daily Bild put the Greens at 11%, up by one percentage point from a week earlier, while the FDP fell by the same amount to 10%.
  • Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and their Bavarian CSU sister party were stable at 31%
  • Social Democrats, who have said they would not renew their ruling coalition with the conservatives, slipped by one percentage point to 21%

On 16 Oct I reported the Lower Saxony election results highlighting renewed concerns for Merkel & Co.
The FDP leader, Christian Lindner, said in an interview published today that his party did not fear new elections if the negotiations failed.
Party leaders are scheduled to meet again tomorrow ( Monday) night before the larger negotiating teams launch into more detailed talks.
Lest we forget that the Geman govt coalition talks continue over a month after the elections in which Merkel got a timely wake-up call.
Reuters has more here.
I’m heading out again now. Enjoy the rest of your week-end dear readers. See you all back here tomorrow for more fun n games in the ever fickle world of forex.
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