German and NZ election result updates (EUR and NZD updates too)

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In a nutshell, both incumbents (Merkel In Germany and English in New Zealand) have won the largest share of votes but have both fallen short of forming a majority government. This was not unexpected in either case.
In Germany:

  • Merkel’s party won 32% (not as good a result for Merkel as was expected)
  • Social Democrats second place on 20%
  • AfD 13% (more votes for this party than were expected)

A coalition-building process will now begin, this could take weeks. Merkel is in poll position.
In New Zealand:

  • English’s party won 46%
  • Main opposition Labour party won 35.8%

A coalition-building process will now begin this could take weeks. English is in poll position—For more on both, check out the links above

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