Forex technical analysis:USDJPY falls to 100 hour MA

100 hour MA at 113.523
The USDJPY is trading at a new session low.

  • Stock are trading at session lows. The Nasdaq is below its 200 hour MA now. The Vix is above 13 (at 13.13) from 11.16 at the close yesterday. The S&P is trading down -24  points or 0.92%
  • 10 year yields are down to 2.428% from 2.4736% earlier. It is still higher on the day by about 1 bp, but well off the highs. The market is very reactionary to the ticks back lower in yield (or so it seems).  

The low has just reached 113.475.  A move lower will look toward the 113.43 level. This was the old October high from October 6th. Below that, the 113.25 is hope to the 38.2% and a number of swing lows.   Article Source

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