Forex technical analysis: EURUSD rolls between technical levels (sort of)

Swing area on the topside stalls the rally and the 200 hour MA on the downside stalls the fall.The EURUSD has been trading up and down in trading today. It is little changed from Friday currently. Friday closed at 1.23152. The current price is around 1.2310.  

The price action for the day saw the price open higher and test a swing target area at the 1.2352-625 area. The high did extend to 1.2364 in that run, but it was quickly rejected (see post from Friday highlighting the area).
The fall, took the price back toward the 200 and 100 hour MAs (green and blue lines in the chart above).   The price fell below the 200 hour MA at 1.22804. The low reached 1.22685 before rebounding back up. However, the two subsequent tests, did find buyers against the MA level.  The 100 hour MA remains another downside target to get too and through this week, if the price is to extend further to the downside.
What next?
The price trades between the extremes and they naturally are risk defining levels for both buyers (they want to see the 200 and 100 hour MAs hold, and the sellers who want to see the 1.2352-625 area stall rallies.  In between is a coin flip given the up and down price action.
If you do drill to the 5-minute chart, the 100 and 200 bar MAs could be a intermediate barometer for bullish and bearish intraday. The 200 bar MA comes in at 1.23169. The 100 bar MA comes in at 1.23067.  The price has moved above and below the MAs today, but swing highs are lower on each rebound, giving the sellers more of an advantage for now.  Stay below the 200 bar MA at 1.23169 would keep the sellers satisfied.  Move above, and some of the selling luster, will begin to fade (the price would be positive on the day too).

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