Fed’s Harker: Sees two rate hikes in 2018

Feds Harker. Non voting member in 2018. Projection for hikes is less than the Fed consensus of 3 hikes.

He adds:

  • Says very little slack left in US labor market
  • Sees inflation rising a bit about 2% in 2019
  • Repeats his view that tworate hikes are warranted in 2018
  • see GDP growth averaging just under 2½ percent for the year, and then dropping a little lower, to 2.2 percent, for 2019.
  • U6 measure of unemployment, has moved back down to prerecession lows at 8.1 percent.
  • the most common feedback I’m getting is that businesses are having a difficult time filling positions.

Philadelphia Fed president speaking at a luncheon hosted by the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Q&A is expected. 
CLICK HERE for the link to the speech. Article Source

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