Exit poll indications from Pennsylvania, real early numbers have Dems winning bigly

These are really very early figures I am seeing, so that is a huge caveatWaynesburg Borough #2 is part of Greene County

  • Greene County is one of the four counties in the district voting
  • Greene County is very small, only 2% of district voters (another caveat)

Indications from Waynesburg Borough #2

  • Dem candidate is Conor Lamb, he is +22, compared to the Rep. win in the 2016 election (For Trump taking the presidency) by +23 

That is a huge turnaround and if it carries over elsewhere will see a big win for the Dems. But …. see the caveats above. And, its the it’s the only number I have seen so far, so bear that in mind 

Adam had a great preview up earlier:A Pennsylvania’s special election loss could put Trump on tilt

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