EU’s Barnier says Brexit talks not there yet in achieving sufficient progress

EU Brexit negotiator Barnier at the latest talks press conference 28 Sept

  • may take weeks, months to achieve sufficient progress
  • UK failed to let ECJ play indispensable role in citizens rights and this is a stumbling block
  • big gap remains on family reunification
  • on financial settlement , held useful talks on technical aspects
  • UK made it clear it will only meet 2018-19 budget commitments, can not say what other commitments it will honour
  • far from enough for UK just to pay budget commitments for 2019,2020
  • no link possible between financial settlement and future partnership
  • as soon as I see real progress the quicker we can move to next phase

One day soon hopefully the UK will swallow her pride and get that message instead of all the peacock-suiting arrogance we’re currently seeing.

Weeks, months to get on track and achieve progress? Oh dear.

GBPUSD strangely finding some support again but probably helped by Davis’ optimism on transition period helped by general USD supply which sees EURUSD up to 1.1784 and USDJPY down to 112.61

EURGBP has failed once again above 0.880 and now down to 0.8780 again

GBPUSD still has decent sell interest/res into 1.3430 and I’d suggest a short again up here til broken, at least for the intra day traders.

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