Economic calendar in the Asian Pacific session

What to expect..

  • New Zealand manufacturing sales for 3Q at 4:45 PM ET/2145 GMT. No estimate
  • Japan GDP QoQ 3Q final.  The estimate is 0.4% vs. 0.3% for the prior estimate. Annualized QoQ is estimated at 1.5% vs 1.4% in the earlier estimate.  The release will eb at 6:50 PM ET/2350 GMT
  • Japan BoP Current account adjusted is estimated to come in at Y1932.7B vs Y1835.1B last month. The release will be at 6:50 PM ET/2350 GMT
  • Japan Bank Lending YoY for November is estimated at 2.8% vs 2.8% last month. It too will be released at 6:50 PM ET/2350 GMT.
  • Japan Average Cash earnings YoY for October are expected to rise  0.8% vs 0.9% last month.  Real Cash earnings YoY are expected to increase 0.2% vs -0.1%. The release will be at 7 PM ET/0000GMT
  • Australia Home loans for the month of October are expected to fall -2.0% vs -2.3% last month.  Investment lending will also be released. Last month they fell -6.2%..  Owner occupied loan values MoM have no estimate but fell -2.1% last month.  The releases will be at 7:30 PM ET/0030 GMT.
  • Japan economy watchers sentiment index for November will be released at 12 AM ET/0500 GMT. The estimate is for the outlook is 54.0 vs 54.9 last.  

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