CHF demand notable this session as we wait on NA desks

Good gains for the swiss franc this morning 13 NovNo primes movers that I’ve heard of but maybe safe-haven demand prevailing.
USDCHF and EURCHF both had a quick drop earlier from 0.9980 and 1.1620 to 0.9960 and 1.1600 that I had noted in my orders post and we’ve seen further falls since. Currently 0.9942 and 1.1589 just off session/recent lows so we might expect some bids on those pairs down here, for the moment at least.
GBPCHF in the frame as well with steady declines to 1.3020 from 1.3080 in Asia and 1.3160 Friday highs.
Anyone have any further facts/theories feel free to throw them in the comments section below.                                                          USDCHF                                                        EURCHF Article Source

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