BOJ minutes: Many members said measures of inflation expectations stopped falling

 Bank of Japan July meeting minutes  Many members said:

  • Companies likely to gradually shift towards raising wages and prices
  • Measures of inflation expectations had stopped declining
  • BOJ should continue with QE and YCC

One member said:

  • ETF purchases are excessive, will have adverse impact on pricing of stocks
  • 2% goal is constraint on flexible monetary policy
  • 2% goal makes it hard to normalise monetary policy

A few members said:

  • Unemployment rate and output gap need to improve further to reach 2% inflation target

            more to come
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—So I’m thinking its nearly October and these are the minutes of the July meeting???On the other hand, at least we do get a much earlier guide to the meeting in the «Summary of Opinions» of the meeting, which for July came out much earlier.For more on the July meeting:

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