BOE’s Carney says they have a responsibility to identify risk in the economy

BOE governor Carney interview underway on BBC Radio 4 29 Sept

  • see potential issues around Brexit and household debt
  • taking action to mitigate risks to UK economy

Discsusion centering around BOE ‘s role in mon pol, inflation and the economy at large which I previewed and warned of earlier here

Replynig to comments made in past 24 hours by Gordon Brown and  Ed Balls on the responsibilty/power or lack of it that the BOE has.

Arguments developing that the BOE should give up its independent decision on interest rates and change to a National Council of sorts.

Also being questioned on BOE fwd guidance accuracy.

GBPUSD a tad lower at 1.3397 as EURGBP nudges back up through 0.8800

                                 Carney and the BOE — Role under scrutiny

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