BOE’s Carney says he favours cryptocurrency regulation to combat illicit activity, fraud

BOE governor Carney speaking to Sky 2 March

  • cryptocurrencies failing in role of money
  • FSB will report to G20 this month on stability issues
  • cryptocurrencies not material financial stability risk
  • isolating them may not be the best option
  • sees need for better regulation

Adds Carney: «It has all the hallmarks of a bubble. And normally they end with a pretty brutal reckoning,» adding that the idea that Bitcoin would ever be used as a replacement mainstream currency was «an impossibly high bar».

Nothing on mon pol . Full interview here
Carney has also spoken in Scotland on » The future of money» and concludes:
«While Adam Smith was cautious about the role of the state, he recognised it should furnish the rules and
conditions within which private innovation can flourish.
In the monetary sphere, this means providing money which citizens can use with confidence and ease.
The Bank of England delivers just that through the quality of our banknotes, the stability of UK inflation, the
resilience of our financial system, and efficiency and reliability of our core payment systems. We are
overhauling our system, RTGS, so that private innovation can flourish. Bringing crypto-assets onto a level
regulatory playing field could also catalyse private innovation to create a more resilient, effective payments
With these foundations in place, the scene is set for better payments, a better economy and a better Friday
night out.»

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