Bitcoin clears the $15,000 mark

One step at a time, one thousand (more like a couple) in a day, eh?
Well, anything is possible at this point. Isn’t it?
ICYMI, Greg had a very good post earlier in the day here about trading the cryptocurrency (in fact, it can cover trading in general) and what levels that’s keeping the virtual currency up.
In any case, here’s a reminder that Bitcoin futures are coming into the market. CBOE will be offering them starting from 10 Dec, while CME will debut their futures contracts on 18 Dec. Nasdaq has also said that they will be offering them in the future, but no date has been set on that yet.
However, institutional investors remain skeptical to trade them, as FT highlights here.
The article mentions that the CBOE and CME agreed to operate under a self-certified regime with regards to the contracts, hence regulators had minimal time to formally review them.
Their worry is that the contracts will be trading in an unregulated manner/environment. Meanwhile, futures brokers are also worried about the launch of the contracts and some had privately confirmed with FT that they will not clear the product immediately when it’s launched.
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