Barnier says EU needs an answer from UK on financial settlement in 2 weeks

The Brexit circus show presser continues 10 NovRoll up, roll up

  • we do not have to settle everything in detail, need sincere and real progress
  • if no deal in Dec we will continue talks but not on future relationship

They’re consistent on that one at least. Are you listening May & Co?

  • we continue to make significant progress across the board, inc this week

Really ?

GBPUSD higher at 1.3185 and EURGBP down to as the saga continues. I don’t see hard Brexit as GBP positive at this stage but hey, there’s always two side eh ? GBPUSD still got sellers around 1.3200 if we are to make further progress
Maybe the master plan is to pull back from the brink and all this is a massively expensive freakshow. The author of Article 50 has, after all, said it’s reversible.
Now that would make a good movie.
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