Arrests threaten major turmoil in Saudi Arabia

Arrests include one of the world’s richest men

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, plus at least 10 other princes, four ministers and many former ministers were arrested Saturday night.

It’s billed as a corruption crackdown but it’s a major power grab from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and sure to cause a backlash.

Bin Talal controls Kingdom Holdings and is worth $18 billion. He’s the largest shareholder of Citigroup, second-largest of 21st Century Fox and done several business deals with Trump.

Also arrested was Waleed bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim who owns the Middle East Broadcasting Center, which is a major television company that includes Al Arabiya.

Also yesterday, Saudi Arabia intercepted a missile near Riyadh, that it said was fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen. Jared Kushner was also in Saudi Arabia in October. Trump this weekend also tweeted about listing the Aramco IPO on the NYSE.

Note all of that can be a coincidence.

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