10 year yield hits a 4 year high at 2.91%

The high yields at 3.00% and 3.05% are the bigger targets.

The 10 year yield has traded to 2.91%. That is the highest since January 2014.  The move also gets the yield closer to the highs from 2013/2014 at 3.005% and 3.05%.  A move above those yields will print the headline that the «10 year is trading at the highest level since July 2011».  
Yields continue to go higher, but the big divorce today is that the stocks don’t care. The Nasdaq is trading up 114 points and the S&P is up 31 points. Both are trading at highs despite the higher yields.  
PS gold is also soaring today. It is up $23 or 1.77%. 


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