Raisa Play The Stock, You Dare?

Who doesn’t know katy perry, the beautiful singer and also a lover of actor Hamish David this turned out to dare to play the stock. Raisa play the stock turns due to being taught by relatives. The singer, whose full name is Raisa Andriana is known to play the stock after his performance in the closing event of the trading stock at the end of March 2017.

Raisa Play The Stock: Originally Afraid Of

The singer of the song Mantan Terindah, LDR, and the Second Time is even admitted himself to set aside his income from the entertainment world to be invested in the stock world. At first he was afraid-afraid, but finally began to dare to play own stock.

When it is, Raisa was invited to a Stock Sound Concert organized by the Indonesia stock Exchange (BEI), he had performed some of their hits. Don’t forget also, president Director of Indonesia stock Exchange, Tito Sulistio ask about the experience berinvestasinya in the stock world.

The virgin birth 27 years ago, admits the first time was taught to play the stock by his relatives. He studied only two times and then directly play on their own. Now he even buy his own shares that he wanted.

Stock he bought is a stock-owned company. Raisa himself advised the people not to be afraid and hesitant to play the stock, because can be learned.

Artist Play the Stock and Forex markets, Why Not?

Many may assume that being an artist does not need to painstakingly again looking for another source of income. In fact if you think about revenue as the artist is not forever a large. Moreover, if the artist had already dimmed the luster, then it must be thought out early on other sources of income so as not to fall bankrupt when the world embark upon can’t provide income.

In addition to Raisa who dare to play the stock, a previous young artist of Indonesia, namely Kevin Aprilio also has first plunge in the world of investment. However, the investment that he has to do is investment of foreign exchange, or commonly referred to as forex trading.

Learn from the Success of Kevin Aprilio Play forex
Stock and forex is almost similar, just that there are slight differences of what is traded. When stocks trade letter stock companies, then forex trading is the sale and purchase of foreign currency.

Kevin Aprilio and Raisa is an example of the artist-the young artist of Indonesia who realize the importance of investing, as well as examples of individuals of the young who dare to take big risks. Well, you can like them. Set aside money to start a little-learn a little invest.

Do Not Select The Wrong Broker

One of the important components, be it stock trading or forex trading, is a broker. If not choose the correct broker and trusted could fall into deception. Then from that learn how to choose the right broker!

Choosing a Forex Broker — raisa play the stock

One of the brokers that can be trusted, which Olymp Trade and Alpari, which broker this is the broker of world-class that has been trusted to become partners of the traders in the entire world. So, Raisa play the stocks, if you dare?

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