Bullish Trend and Bearish

Last week, ayoforex.com had time to write a review about the trendline or trend line in the article Let’s Learn about the Trendline. In the article, the trendline is divided into 3 types, namely an uptrend (a rising trend), a downtrend (trend down) and sideways (flat trend).

The Trend in the forex indicates the tendency of one type of movement that dominates the charts and there are indications that the movement will continue. In addition, 3 types of trend line above,, also known as another concerning trend, namely bullish and bearish trend.

Know all readers, that the word bullish and bearish respectively taken from the name of a type of animal?

bullBullish, representing the animals of the bull (bull) by the horns pointing up, showing the tendency of movement price overall has increased. Seen from the direction of the movement rose, the bullish trend we can also say as an uptrend.

The same is the case with the bullish, bearish also represent a large animal furry that a bear or bears. But, contrary to the bullish trend, bearish trend shows the tendency of price movements decreased. Seen from the direction of the movement down, bearish can we also equate with the downtrend. bear-311466_1280

Easy, bullish rise, bearish down. Bullish and bearish trend is well known among technical analysts. This is because the study of price movements based on trend is the study of graph/chart.

In determining the bullish and bearish trend, depending on the perspective of the trader. In this case, what is meant is the type of chart used by traders. The type of graph can be seen based on timeframe. The Timeframe that is generally available on the platform of MT4 is M1 (1 minute), M5 (5 minutes), M15 (15 minutes), M30 (30 minutes), H1 (1 hour), H4 (4 hours), D1 (1 day), W1 (1 week), and MN (Monthly).

Suppose, a trader berpatok on the chart M1 and the chart is visible showing the state of a bullish. However, if the trader berpatok in the timeframe hourly (H1, H4), it is not necessarily the market is bullish. It could be the movement of the prices being bearish. Well, so the determination of bullish and bearish depends on the angle of view of a trader in based on the type of timeframe.

Well, I understand it’s not about bullish and bearish trend? So as not to miss the news, stay tuned ayoforex.com for tips and other information about forex trading.

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