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Forex Analysis and Reviews

Indicator analysis. Daily review for June 15, 2018 for the GBP/USD pair

Трендовый анализ (рис. 1). После движения вниз и тестирования линии поддержки возможно движение вверх с первой целью 1.3374 – откатный уровень 14.6% ( жёлтая пунктирная линия). Fig. 1 (daily chart). Complex analysis: — indicator analysis — down; — Fibonacci levels — up; — volumes — upwards; — candle analysis — neutral; — trend

Review of EUR/USD as of June 15, 2018

We must admit that Mario Draghi did something that no one expected from him. Almost all observers were confident that after the announcement of the results of the meeting of the ECB, the single European currency will be able to improve its position. This confidence was based on the fact that no concrete steps will […]

Global macro overview for 15/06/2018

The European Central Bank kept interest rates unchanged (reference: 0.0%, deposit: -0.4%) in line with expectations, but decided to extend the asset purchase program with a monthly rate of EUR 15 billion from October to the end of December 2018 after which the program will be terminated. It is a slightly hawkish signal, though partially […]

Trading plan 06/15/2018

Trading plan 06/15/2018 The general picture: The fall of the European currency should continue. On Thursday, the second major event of the week — the ECB meeting. The ECB finally announced what it had been waiting for a long time — the ECB is completing the program of pumping markets with liquidity in December 2018. […]

Burning forecast 06/15/2018

Burning forecast 06/15/2018 The ECB broke the euro. On Thursday, the ECB announced a decision on monetary policy. The ECB is completing the program of injections into the markets in December this year. At the same time, the ECB said it will not raise rates until at least the summer of 2019, that is, another […]

Bitcoin analysis for 15/06/2018

In March it was announced that Bitcoin will be used in some hotels as a method of payment for the stay of guests who will come to Russia to support national teams at 12 different stadiums in Russia. It is certainly the largest sports event in 2018. Millions of people will come to Russia to […]

Trading plan for 15/06/2018

USD keeps rallying as a reaction to the hawkish Fed and solid data from the US economy. The currency market yesterday saw massive moves with serious consequences for EUR and USD. The contrast between the Fed’s hawkish attitude and the surprisingly dovish position of the ECB gave the impulse to abandon the EUR, and the […]