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BITCOIN Analysis for September 8, 2017

Bitcoin has been quite corrective in nature recently showing steady gains against other conventional financial instruments. The strength of the impulsive bullish pressure has eased in Bitcoin as it reacted for the whole month of August which does signal the uniformity the instrument is getting along the process. Though Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, global […]

Bitcoin analysis for 08/09/2017

Bitcoin analysis for 08/09/2017: Many Bitcoin enthusiasts are trying to anticipate a realistic projection for the Bitcoin price over the next few years. There are some analysis that expect a rational $15,000-$20,000 value to extraordinary projections of $1 mln per Bitcoin. For now, the fact is that after activation of the SegWit protocol which includes […]

Global macro overview for 08/09/2017

Global macro overview for 08/09/2017: The first negative effect of Hurricane Harvey is seen on the US job market. The recent Unemployment Claims data were substantially worse than expected. Market participants anticipated a slight increase in the number of the unemployed people in the US from 236k to 245k, but he number revealed was at […]

Trading plan for 08/09/2017

Trading plan for 08/09/2017: The financial markets remain focused on negative information around the US Dollar — geopolitical, fiscal, dovish signals from the Fed and the hurricane. This is why EUR/USD is trading above 1.2080 and USD/JPYhas broken below 108.00. The Japanese Nikkei is down 0.7%, but Hang Seng is up 0.4%. Gold remains at […]