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Forex Analysis and Reviews

Trading plan 02/16/2018

Trading plan 02/16/2018 The overall picture: The fall of the dollar. The dollar updates the lows: the dollar-yen, dollar-franc falls. Today, the euro reached a new high. Buy the euro from 1.2515, stop at 1.2470, target at 1.2630. There are no important news: the market continues the trend «by inertia», until the big players decide […]

Trading plan for 16/02/2018

Asia is continuing the holiday break, so the market participants can observe further weakening of the USD and sustaining increases in the stock market. EUR/USD hit 1.2450, USD/JPY went down to 105.50. AUD is also very strong. The weakness of the dollar supports increases in gold and crude oil prices. On Friday 16th of February, […]

Burning Forecast 02/16/2018

Burning Forecast 02/16/2018 EURUSD: Strong signal upward. There were no important news. The market continues to win back expectations of accelerating inflation in the US — and raising the Fed’s rates and profitability. Through a somewhat peculiar and non-classical logic, this leads to a fall in the dollar. (According to the «classic» everything should be […]