Elliott wave analysis of EUR/NZD for May 17, 2018

EUR/NZD — 4 Hourly

We were looking for upside acceleration, but important resistance at 1.7310 once again proved to be strong to break and the bulls gave up the effort to conquest this resistance. Instead, the bears turned EUR/NZD 180 degrees around and managed to break below short-term important support at 1.7056 indicating that wave ii/ still is developing. This means more downside closer to the 169.19 — 169.55 area should be expected before wave ii/ finally completes and is ready to surrender itself to the next rally higher in wave iii/, towards 1.7474 and 1.7832 as the next upside targets.

R3: 1.7158

R2: 1.7129

R1: 1.7097

Pivot: 1.7068

S1: 1.7044

S2: 1.6989

S3: 1.6955

Trading recommendation:

Our stop at 1.7090 was hit for a profit of 126 pips. We will wait for a new EUR buying opportunity at 1.6965 or upon a break above resistance at 1.7188.

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