NZD makes fresh low

The New Zealand dollar fall on the choice by NZ First on who to anoint continues NZD/USD circa 0.7000 now We await policy announcements to gauge the impact of the new government. About the only thing certain is with such a tight margin the new government will have to work very hard to ensure stability and […]

Bitcoin technicals: Bitcoin back above 100 hour MA

200 hour MA stalled the fall yesterday.In the bitcoin technical report yesterday, the price fall fell below the 200 hour moving average, but quickly recovered back above the level.  In the post yesterday, I wrote:Today, although the price moved below that 200 hour MA line (more bearish) we are currently trading back above that key […]

Crude oil futures settle at $51.29/BBL

Down -$.75 or -1.44%The price of WTI crude oil futures are settling the day down $.75 or -1.44% at $51.29/BBL.The high price extended to $52.17.The low price fell to $51.07.Technically, the contract stalled at the 200 hour MA and the 38.2% retracement of the move higher (see chart below). That area will be a key […]

Here’s a new take on the crash in 1987

There was talk about a tax on M&A activity I’m no scholar on the 1987 crash but I’ve heard the usual explanations. One that I read this week that makes sense is from Matt Maley. He talks about the government had floated a trial balloon regarding a takeover tax. He remembers that triggering worries that […]